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Website shame

Have you ever wondered why you are avoiding your website, embarrassed and frustrated with its very existence, making excuses in order to discourage people from going to your website, or have you accepted the fact your website needs to be redone? Well, you may be experiencing the 5 stage of website shame! What stage are you in?

1. Embarrassment

Embarrassment can manifest in many ways. You have a glamor shot on your website from 7 years ago. Your website was built in the stone-age, not literally, however even in 2010 not all websites were built mobile phone friendly. Or plain and simple, you don’t have a website, however you have every Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube account known to man. However, these are not substitutes for websites.

94% of people say web design is the reason they mistrust or reject a company’s website

2. Frustration

A well-done website with the great content and good design, that works and attracts new client can be expensive, which causes some people to try a DIY website. However, you can easily end up in over your head or it doesn’t turn out like you wanted. Very frustrating.

3. Excuses

The embarrassment and frustration stage leads you to the excuse stage of website shame. When you a potential client asks for your website address, you give them the runaround by letting them know its being revamped right now, I am in the process of updating my website so just call me with questions instead. This also leads to the next stage of website shame, avoidance.

4. Avoidance

You would rather place a brown paper bag over your website than to show to it to someone. Avoidance maybe because you are embarrassed to show your website to a potential client either because the site is horrendous, outdated, in-completed. Avoidance came be from being frustrated in the fact you know it needs to be worked on, however you don’t have the time, the money, the patience to deal with it. Many people at this stage may purposely leave off their website on their business card, not mention it to people, and take it off their social media all together.

5. Acceptance

This is the final stage of website shame, this is the breakthrough. At this point you have realized your website needs help and something needs to change. You understand being frustrated, embarrassed, and avoiding to the situation is only hurting you and you can be losing money.

We are here to let you know; you don’t have to go through this alone nor does it have to be this way. Start by a free consultation for a website check up.

Here is an example of our free website check up.

We’d love to have a conversation with you to see if the service Affinity for Design provides fits the company you run.

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