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Trade Show Marketing and Exhibit Design Strategies

In a sea of exhibition booths, you have seconds to entice an attendee to walk to your exhibit. Presentation is everything. So creating a power visual impact with a simple and clear messaging is very important to lure people to you. With these trade show marketing strategies, people should be able to recognize what you do and who your are instantly as they walk be.

Here are three trade show exhibit design strategies that will help you capture the attention of trade show visitors:

  1. Eye catching graphics: To make your display stand out, keep your design simple and to the point with colorful and clean graphics.
  2. Bring your brand to life: Consistent branding of your company image builds recognition, so be sure your brand is consistent with your other marketing materials too.
  3. Signage tips: Keep it readable from a distance. If you are having a vertical banner designed that will go behind the table, remember important information should go on top.

What about online marketing strategies to entice your visitors to come to the event:

  1. List your show on your website homepage. An ideal location is a banner or sidebar. Displaying your attendance at an upcoming show captures customer interest and encourages attendance.
  2. Promote your event on a landing page or your blog. A blog is a great way to inform your customers about the event details: when, where, how to find you, and what to expect when they stop by.
  3. Use email marketing to send a invite to your clients. Maybe put a teaser about some giveaway you are planning on giving.

Just because the trade show is over, doesn’t mean that your work is done. This is where many trade show efforts miss the mark. Now you need to follow up and don’t mistake all these contacts as warm leads and try to immediately sell to them. Send them an email to thank them for stopping by, offer them a free download, and try to gauge their interest. By the number of unsubscribes you get from your initial email, you’ll pretty quickly know who was interested in your company and who just wanted that iPad you gave away.


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