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Make Your Digital Marketing Payoff

Bobbi Still of Affinity for Design & Johnny Wyatt of The J3 Effect … present!

We care about your success

Like you, we can’t stand to waste money on marketing that doesn’t produce results. Ads that don’t work. Websites that don’t make sales. Frustrating.

Join us … In this seminar you will learn about:

  • FIVE numbers that MATTER in marketing if you want your company to grow. Four of them you want to climbone you want to sink.
  • THREE THINGS you must do to make those numbers move.
  • SEVEN things your website should have.

You will enjoy a fast-paced interactive learning experience. You will meet other fantastic Tucson business people.

Make Your Digital Marketing Payoff

To attend, PLEASE register below. Our seminar is scheduled about once a month. SELECT your date then CLICK “SEND ME AN INVITE” to be sent an invitation for the next seminar.