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5 Ways that Your Outdated Website Could Hurt You

1) Your Website is not Mobile Friendly.

Mobile users (smart phones and tablets) have surpassed desktop usage on the Internet. Just about 51% of all users are visiting your site from their smartphones. If your site is difficult to see or to use, your visitor will leave – costing you a potential customer

2) Your Website has Outdated Information.

Buyers are frustrated with websites that have incorrect or old information. This makes your website look bad and think you are no longer in business or not the best buying choice. 

3) Your Website is Too Slow.

Your readers are only waiting for about 2 seconds for your page to load before they move elsewhere. If your website is old, chances are you are losing business. 

4) Your Website is Vulnerable to Hacking.

Hackers find security vulnerabilities in older sites. Much like updating your devices operating systems, it is also important to keep your website’s systems up-to-date. An average of 30,000 WordPress websites are hacked a day. 

5) Your Website is not a Secure Site.

Google now had penalties if you have not taken the effort to secure your site. Websites without the https:// in front will be ranked lower in customer searches and you will be losing potential customers.

We are here to let you know; you don’t have to go through this alone nor does it have to be this way. Start by a free consultation for a website check up.

Here is an example of our free website check up.

We’d love to have a conversation with you to see if the service Affinity for Design provides fits the company you run.

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