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An Easter Promotional Giveaway

In this age of mass production, one way to let your customers know they are special is with a handmade promotional giveaway. Affinity for Design gives presentations throughout the year as part of our networking efforts and we have found several benefits to handmade giveaways:

  • Remembered as a creative business
  • The content of the presentation is also remembered longer
  • Seeing the giveaway on the table gets the audience excited about hearing your presentation
  • Are great for small businesses on a tight budget

We love using different holidays for themes for our presentations. Each season holds several ways to create special holiday opportunities. While the obvious ones might come to mind right away, check out this page of National Holidays for the not so obvious ones.  Some upcoming holidays are:

  • April 7, Friday … No Housework Day – How about a housecleaning business promotion
  • July 7, Friday … Chocolate Day – How about a sale on chocolate
  • July 27, Thursday … Take Your Plants for a Walk Day – Plant Nursery promotion
  • October 22, Sunday …. Make a Difference Day – Great way to promote your company’s favorite charity

Or try implementing some of these holiday online marketing strategies or use them as inspiration to create your own ideas:

  • Easter Social Media Game: Post a photo of jellybeans in a jar and have followers guess how many jelly beans are in the jar for a chance to win a prize of your choice. Creating engagement through a fun social media game is simple and very beneficial!
  • Teacher’s Day: This one seems to be growing, and it definitely should. Offer a free or discounted product to the hard-working teachers on this day. Not only will your brand be showing it cares about individuals that make a difference, it’ll be getting into the conversation surrounding Teacher’s Day.
  • Shark Week: This one may be unexpected, but social media and advertisements prove it’s effective. No matter what kind of products or services your brand offers, there is a way to make them relevant to Shark Week. Whether it’s incorporating the ocean, a fin, or the whole shark, a creative mind will get it done. For even more exposure, create a hashtag to go along with it.
  • Valentine’s Day: Create a product combination with two that make great valentines. By this, I mean pairing two products together and selling them for a discounted price when they’re purchased together. This has the potential to attract customers and makes for a unique marketing idea.

For more online strategies, read this great article.

To get you started our your homemade promotional giveaway, we are attaching a downloadable template for you to use for a cute little Easter Basket. We will be using this for our next presentation to bring out our new branding for Affinity for Design.

Download Template Here

Check out our Pinterest Board for Instructions:

Pinterest Photo
12x12" paper, score at 1.1/2, 3, 4.1/2, 7.1/2, 9 and 10.1/2. Turn paper en score at 4" and 8". Cut 2 of the strips 1" shorter.

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