About the Affinity for Design logo, a mythological Phoenix symbolizing our clients overcoming their challenges

About Affinity for Design

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

Not The Typical Website Design Studio

Our promise: old-fashioned values, explanations in plain language, and you get what you are promised.

We are located at 75 S Gollob Rd, Tucson AZ 85710

We are open Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

About the Affinity for Design logo, a mythological Phoenix symbolizing our clients overcoming their challenges

About The Affinity for Design Phoenix

A Symbol of Our Clients Overcoming their Challenges

The phoenix is about overcoming and rising to the challenge to become powerful and to succeed. The symbolism fits so many of our clients. Small business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, the patient, and the persistent. It’s for you!  

About Our Fondest Memories

About Affinity for Design with a timeline graphic

At a high school field trip to the symphony, my life changed forever. The orchestra had finished rehearsing and a man was introduced with a typewriter as his instrument. He made the most beautiful music I had ever heard. Click click, tap tap tap, ding ding ding. I knew I wanted to make music from a typewriter more than anything and I did. Typewriters evolved to computers and I to advertising, but the desire to make every design “sing” is still there.

Click here to hear the video. 

Computer Philes (“files”) was created out of the desire to help people. Computers were new and I had a passion for them and wanted to share it with everyone. So, I kept adding services… I taught grandparents how to connect to their grandchildren… I helped hundreds of people with their careers by creating resumes… And Computer Philes evolved to Affinity for Design. With a new name came a focus on businesses and their growth with our marketing designs.

See our portfolio for yourself.

Affinity for Design was hired by a wonderful woman, Gigi Centaro, to design a book cover for her new cookbook. The design request was for a high heel and tomato. When her book cover was completed, she entered the cover into a statewide design book competition and won best book cover design. I was stunned. Gigi showed me her award and as she took it back said, “This award could have been yours if you believed in your design as much as I did.” I decided at that point, I will never doubt my customer’s vision nor Affinity’s design talent. A lesson well learned. (As a side note, at Gigi’s passing, her family gave the award to me and it is one of my greatest treasures.)

See the book cover that won.

Most people are surprised to learn that my degree is in Chemistry. There is the whole right brain versus left brain argument, but I prefer to think of creativity as intelligence having fun. Affinity for Design attracts clients like Eller College, RTEAM Magazine (a Raytheon publication), MPG Automotive Services, and PVB Steel Fabrications because we are the perfect union between technical and creative design.

View our technical designs.

We developed our mission statement 20 years after the company was founded, but better late than never. “We increase our customers’ exposure and profit through impactful solutions created by our talented design team.” Our work has contributed to MPG Automotive Services growing from one location to six (and counting!) Lifestyle Hearing Solutions grew from one location to two even though CostCo is a competitor on price. When advertisement is developed to strategically interact with consumers, profits happen.

See a sample of our ad designs.

Meet the Affinity Team

The People Behind The Work

These people make Affinity for Design what it is and in return helps everyone of our customers.

About the Affinity for Design Team. Bobbi Still, owner of Affinity for Design

Bobbi Still


About the Affinity for Design Team. Ruth Whaley, designer and production manager

Ruth Whaley


About the Affinity for Design Team. Pixel, the company dog



Jack Paddock


Jonathan Arlia


Paul Bellows


Susan PIsano


The Affinity for Design Office

What Our Clients Say About Us

A Customer Testimonial

Jose Garcia, Owner of Diana's Roofing and Grandiosa Tentacion

I own a tortilla factory as well in Mexico. And I have had the pleasure of working of working with Bobbi Still of Affinity for Design. She is the best. If you haven't tried her, do so. We used her for a business card and a logo setup. People always brag about our new business cards.

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