How Do I Get an Affinity Bucks Coin?

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Earn an Affinity Buck coin when your referral purchases a service from us

After you use your Affinity Buck, gift it to a business you think will love us

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We don't forget our customers who were the reason for our success.

Get an Affinity Buck coin just for seeking us out at networking events

How Would You Spend Your Affinity Bucks?

Affinity Bucks winner

1,000 Business Cards

Loyal customer since 1999! We designed his logo and business card and have been printing A Handyman’s Haven business cards ever since.

Affinity Bucks winner

Vertical Banner

Dianne website design referral resulted in 2 websites. She spent her Affinity Bucks on a Sandbrook Group vertical banner for a conference.


Our only rules:

  • Your Affinity Buck can be used only on new purchases (not as credit on an old invoice).
  • Each referral that turns into a new customer will get you a new coin.
  • You can use your Affinity Buck only once.
  • Please pass your Affinity Buck on when you have used it.
  • We reserve the right to hand out an Affinity Buck to anyone that inspires us.

Redeeming your Affinity Buck: Call Affinity for Design at 520-721-5776 with the number that is located on the back of your Affinity Bucks Coin when you are ready to start your next design project. That is all there is to it.

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